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Blog - Scratch & Dent Pegboard

Welcome to the Cheap Pegboard Blog!


We’ll be honest, we do not blog too much. Here at Cheap Pegboard there is little time for blogging between getting all of your orders out but from time to time we will post information on quick flash sales and other useful information regarding product offerings so it wouldn't be a bad idea to check in from time to time.

A little bit about CheapPegboard.com…

Cheap Pegboard is your source for overstocked, scratch & dent, and discontinued pegboard and peg-board hooks, brackets, and accessories.

Cheap Pegboard has exclusive access to all Wall Control scratch & dent, discontinued, and overstocked pegboard and accessories. Wall Control metal pegboard is basically the best pegboard around… even when it is a little scratched or dented. All of the scratch & dent items Cheap Pegboard offers are totally functional and only suffer from a little cosmetic damage, most of which can easily be covered by a well placed tool or pegboard accessory. So you still get 100% of the function, just heavily discounted... and with a little wear and tear.

Our discontinued pegboard and peg-board supplies is usually discontinued due to a slight color change with new products, a new generation of hooks or accessories has been released, or just plain old overstock when a particular product has been discounted. We sell all of that stuff… and for as cheap as possible!

So check it out and see if you can’t find some Cheap Pegboard that will work for you!

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